China jails blind activist Guangcheng’s nephew for 3 yrs after snap trial

London, Dec 1: Chinese authorities have reportedly sentenced the nephew of blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng to more than three years imprisonment for assaulting officials who forced their way into his home after his uncle fled house arrest.

Human rights campaigners and lawyers immediately condemned his conviction, which followed a snap trial on Friday.

The Guardian quoted Chen Kegui’s father, as saying that a court-appointed lawyer rang at 10am to say his son’s trial would begin four hours later at Yinan, Shandong province.

He and his wife were not allowed to attend, the report said.

He said a relative who witnessed the hearing had told him that his 33-year-old son had been sentenced to three years and three months for intentional injury.

Chen Guangcheng, a self-taught legal activist, fell foul of officials after exposing forced abortions in Shandong, north-east China, and was jailed on charges of “disrupting traffic and damaging property”.

After his release in 2010 his family was placed under tight guard in their village of Dongshigu.

According to the paper, he and his wife were beaten by thugs, their young daughter was prevented from going to school and supporters who tried to visit were assaulted, detained or pelted with stones. (ANI)