Syrian govt says Assad forces ‘still strong, despite string of rebel advances’

Johannesburg, Dec 24: Syria’s Information Minister has dismissed comments by the country’s vice president that neither the rebels nor the forces of President Bashar Assad could win the civil war.

Umran Ahid al-Za’bi stressed that Syrian army was still strong, despite a string of rebel advances and seizures of military sites across the country.

He even said that many reports of rebel gains were “fantasy, media victories,” News24 reports.

Last week Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa said in a newspaper interview that the country needed a government of national unity since neither side could win militarily.

Ahid al-Za’bi, however, distanced the government from these remarks, saying there are 23 million people in Syria with their own personal opinions, and this was one of those 23 million.

According to the report, the minister also said Syria would never use chemical weapons, if it had them, anywhere inside or outside the country.

It was the first time a government minister clearly stated that there were no intentions of using chemical arms in any capacity, the report added. (ANI)