Yoga gaining popularity among Kashmiri children

Srinagar, Dec 21: Children in Jammu and Kashmir are showing keen interest in yoga with an aim to prepare themselves for national and state level championships and also to become physically fit.

Girls in particular are keen to use yoga to reduce the stigma of mental illness caused by years of unrest in the valley.

The yoga camp is being organized by the Jammu and Kashmir Yoga Federation in collaboration with the State Sports Council at the city’s indoor stadium.

A yoga teacher, Shabir Ahmad, said: “We wanted that small children who are keen to learn yoga should also get training. We also wanted that the children should learn the basics from the very small age as their body is very flexible and they pay lot of attention. There components are essential for a player. Their flexibility will be enhanced.”

Yoga is 5,000-year-old Indian discipline of exercise, diet and meditation involves a perfect blend of mental and physical exercises. An hour of meditation on regular basis greatly helps to ease out and regain lost of energy.

Apart from helping one shed weight, yoga has also been known to benefit one in various aliments including controlling blood pressure, arthritis, regulating blood sugar and even curing heart ailments.

Participants, mostly between the age group of five and eight years, are displaying their flexibility through performing yoga postures and exercises.

A participant, Azra Malik, said: “Earlier, I used to find yoga very tough, but slowly and gradually I have learnt it. I want to participate in yoga competitions and win medals and bring pride to Kashmir.” (ANI)