Anti-corruption drive in China exposes official with 47 mistresses

London, Jan 6: An anti-corruption drive launched in China has busted a number of prominent officials that included an executive accused of cavorting with gigolos, a young woman who owns 11 apartments, a provincial official with 47 mistresses and a vice-mayor with ties to a drug gang.

Many alleged misdeeds were exposed by Internet users, mostly whistleblowers and rogue journalists.

According to the Guardian, the recent explosion of corruption allegations on China’s popular micro-blogs, however, has done more to reveal the depth of the problem than validate official efforts to eliminate it.

A blog post on 30 December accused the party secretary of an impoverished county in Yunnan province of purchasing 10 SUVs and getting drunk with a group of attractive women.

The vice-mayor of a small city in Guangdong province lost his job after a subordinate exposed his connection to a local drug ring.

Blog posts accused the deputy chief of the province’s Land Resource Bureau of having affairs with 47 mistresses and receiving almost 2.8 billion pounds in bribes.

Chinese media have accused the twenty-something daughter of a former housing official in Zhengzhou, capital of central Henan province, of owning 11 flats.

In November, Chongqing official Lei Zhengfu was sacked 72 hours after an investigative reporter leaked a five-year-old video of him sleeping with his young mistress to the internet, the report added. (ANI)