Ex-footballer Razor Ruddock fights with Spencer Pratt in ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

London, Jan 13: Former football player Razor Ruddock has warned Spencer Pratt, not to get nasty in ‘Celebrity Big Brother.’

“Because if you wanna get nasty, I could be the horriblist c**t to you in the world,” the Mirror quoted Ruddock as telling Pratt.

But Pratt didn’t stop in his tracks after hearing this instead he continued to rant at the other housemates.

“Whoa, don’t get nasty,” Ruddock warned him again.

Hearing this, Pratt turned towards Ruddock and said “Excuse me?”

A worried Heidi Montag responded by saying “Let’s get security in here.”

Raddock then shouted at Pratt to “stop bullying people.” (ANI)