Soon, graphic crash warnings to slow speeding drivers

London, Jan 7: Engineers in Japan are developing a safe driving promotion system that cautions drivers about what kind of accident they could get involved in, if they didn’t lower their speed.

To figure out the current kinetic energy of a vehicle, Japan’s Fukuoka Institute of Technology and heavy goods vehicle maker UD Trucks’ patent-pending system uses a radar battery, ultrasound sonar and laser sensors inside modern cars and trucks.

The system also figures out the distance between it and the vehicle, which is in front, it also keeps an eye on the vehicle’s brake lights.

Then an onboard app, which has learned the reaction time of the driver over previous trips, calculates possibility of an accident – and if the speed of the driver is high, it shows the scale of damage that could happen, the New Scientist reported.

The warning that flashes, could vary from a possible whiplash injury due to a rear-end shunt to a fatal, car-crushing collision with fire. (ANI)