Harry Styles was not suitable for Cara Delevingne: Agency

London, Jan 7: Bosses at a modelling didn’t think catwalk star Cara Delevingne should be dating a boyband member Harry Styles.

Her career is being handeled by Sarah Doukas, the boss of top London model agency Storm – and the woman behind Moss’s fame and fortune.

Delevingne’s list of celebrity friends is just as impressive as her work CV. But as for her floppy-haired boyband “boyfriend”… he (Styles) simply didn’t make the cut.

In August Delevingne, a self-confessed tomboy, was spotted out with Styles at a nightclub here. Sources say Styles was smitten but staff at the modelling agency had other ideas.

“Storm just thought Harry was too down market, they didn’t think Cara should be dating a member of a boyband – it was all too low rent,” the mirror.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

“They hung out for a while but as far as they were concerned it was never going to go anywhere.”

Delevingne – already tipped to steal Kate Moss’s supermodel crown – is the beauty every fashion designer wants to work with, every top photographer wants to capture on film and every man wants to date, reports The Sunday People.

She has pop icon Rihanna on speed dial, and is best pals with singing sensation Rita Ora.