Republican congresswoman challenges Obama to skeet-shooting contest!

Washington, Jan 30: President Barack Obama’s claim that he goes skeet shooting ‘all the time’ at Camp David has been met with skepticism, and a challenge from one Republican congresswoman who offered to test his skills in a competition.

Obama embraced the hobby when he was asked by The New Republic magazine if he’s ever fired a gun.

According to the New York Daily News, the Democratic president said that yes he has indulged into skeet shooting at Camp David all the time.

The comment came as a surprise to people on both sides of the gun control debate.

It appeared to be the first time Obama has mentioned about his skeet-shooting hobby.

Republican Marsha Blackburn was one of several skeptics who say the President isn’t being a straight shooter about his gun hobby.

Blackburn said on CNN that if Obama is a skeet shooter, why nobody had heard of this before, why no one has seen any photos, and why has he not referred about this at any point in time.

The Tennessee Republican then issued a challenge, and said that that Obama should invite him to Camp David, and she will go skeet shooting with him and beat him.

According to the report, other doubters weighed in on Twitter.

“You’re telling me the guy who sends out photos of himself at every opportunity doesn’t have any showing skeet shooting?” wrote conservative commentator Katie Pavlich.

“Obama says he goes skeet shooting all the time. Haha, right… and I gave up a career in the NFL for talk radio,” quipped Glenn Beck.

As the questions lingered on Tuesday, a photo surfaced that appeared to show the president, dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, wielding a gun at Camp David.

The photo was tweeted by The New Republic and others before it was discovered to be a fake.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said during a press briefing on Monday that he’s ‘not sure how often’ Obama’s shot skeet.

The reporter persisted, asking if there are photos of the President shooting skeet, the report added. (ANI)