New software turns smartphones into versatile keys

Berlin, Jan 6: You can open doors using an application, but the technology is still a long way from gaining widespread acceptance.

German researchers have now developed a piece of software that will make smartphone technology even more secure, versatile and acceptable.

Thanks to ShareKey, digital keys can be transferred by e-mail using a smartphone.

Fraunhofer SIT (secure information technology) smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives, according to a Fraunhofer statement.

ShareKey sends electronic keys directly to the user’s mobile phone, in the form of a QR code attached to an e-mail or MMS

“In essence, ShareKey offers two new functions: users can issue digital keys remotely and assign these keys certain user permissions,” explained Alexandra Dmitrienko from the SIT, associated with the project.

“For instance, I can grant the building superintendent access to my apartment for a short period so that he can open the door for the gas meter to be read while I’m at work,” he said.

“The solution is built around modern security technologies and can be easily integrated into existing access control systems,” said Dmitrienko.

At this year’s CeBIT trade fair in Hannover from March 5 to 9, Fraunhofer SIT researchers will be demonstrating their ShareKey software, a solution which will make the key app concept even more versatile and secure.