Tiger trophy recovered from Ghaziabad transporter’s house

Ghaziabad, Jan 14: A stuffed Royal Bengal Tiger was seized from the house of a leading transporter here Monday and the man arrested, police said.

Police, on the tip of the People for Animals (PFA), raided the house of Sunil Sharma in Surya Nagar and recovered the tiger trophy, stuffed with wheat husk.

“Four men could hardly lift the tiger trophy from its installation place in the drawing room of the transporter. Sharma has been arrested and been booked under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972,” said Superintendent of Police (City) Shiv Shankar Yadav.

Saurabh Gupta of PFA said that they received the information that Sharma had installed the tiger trophy in his drawing room. “After getting confirmation it was genuine, we informed police which raided the house and seized it.

Sharma, who owns a fleet of buses running from south Delhi to various Haryana towns, said his father, who was fond of hunting, had hunted the tiger and installed it in the drawing room about 10 years ago. He said he was unaware it was illegal.

Police brushed away his defence.

“The law prevailed at that time when his father committed this crime and now Sunil Sharma is equally responsible, by putting the tiger trophy in his drawing room hence he has been arrested. The crime committed by the father is not any excuse for him,” said Yadav.