71 pc Americans say U.S. will send humans to Mars by 2033

Washington, Feb 12: A majority of Americans have said they feel the US will land a human on Mars within the next two decades, a survey has found.

The survey, carried out for the non-profit corporation Explore Mars by the global communications company Phillips and Company, found that 71 percent of Americans felt that the country will land a human on Mars by 2033.

The survey was conducted in the wake of the wildly successful landing of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover on Aug. 6, 2012.

The poll found that on average, the same sample said they believed the U.S. Government spends 2.4 percent of the federal budget on NASA after they were told the agency currently has two operational rovers on the Martian surface.

According to Discovery News, despite the politics, NASA keeps surprising the world by what they can do with the tight budget they’ve been allocated.

But landing a one-ton rover on Mars, although mind blowing, costs a lot less than mounting a human expedition, the report said.

So if the 71 percent want to see a NASA-led human mission, they’ll have to start bugging their representatives to support an increase in the space agency’s budget. Otherwise, it’s down to the commercial space sector to spearhead mankind’s next great interplanetary adventure, it added. (ANI)