Al Pacino once dumped by lover for being too boring

Melbourne, Feb uary 11(ANI): Al Pacino’s ex-lover Diana Becirovic has revealed that she dumped the star because she found the actor’s intense personality and ‘paranoia’ tiresome.

The Serbian model dated Pacino during the making of The Godfather in 1972 when he was playing mobster Michael Corleone in the Francis Ford Coppolla film and aged in his early 30s.

“He was always so tense and paranoid,” the Daily Mail quoted Becirovic as telling a Serbian newspaper.

“I always thought my role was to make a man feel like a man and his role should be to make me feel like a woman. But I never felt that way with Al. It was boring,” she added.

The former Playboy model revealed how the Oscar winning actor used to give her orders that she didn’t want to listen.

Becirovic said that she finally dumped the star when she became tired of his “strong ego.”

“It’s a pity. Many fans see him like the Godfather, strong and heroic. But I saw him as tense and worried all the time because of his strong ego”, she added. (ANI)