Hugo Chavez making ‘gradual, but clear progress’

London, Feb 4: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is making ‘gradual, but clear progress’ as he is recovering after cancer surgery in Cuba, the country’s officials have said.

In a TV address, National Assembly Speaker Diosdado Cabello said he had visited Chavez in hospital, and his health was ‘clearly improving’.

The Venezuelan leader has not been seen or heard in public since he had surgery almost eight weeks ago.

According to the BBC, the fact that all the updates on the president’s health are delivered by members of his party rather than the medical team treating him has fuelled speculation within Venezuela and abroad about the president’s state.

The opposition has demanded clarity about who is running the country after Chavez missed his own inauguration for a fourth presidential term on 10 January.

The Venezuelan Supreme Court ruled that he could be sworn in at a later date.

But the opposition has argued that in the continuing absence of President Chavez, Cabello should take over and elections called within 30 days, the report added. (ANI)