Oz social media fans opt for ‘Facebook-Free Feb uary’

Sydney, Feb 2: Australians who are now sick and tired of wasting hours on social network and are worried about their privacy, have vowed to drop Facebook this month in favour of real-life social contact, phone calls and emails.

Many people who are bored to death by friends’ mundane status updates have decided to go for a ‘Facebook-Free Feb uary’, and to spend more time with their closed ones.

Internet addiction expert Dr Philip Tam said Facebook-Free Feb uary was a symptom of more people becoming ‘unhealthily obsessed’ with social media, News.com.au reports.

He pointed that the ‘whole set-up of social media invites compulsive behaviour, one gets so desperate to get feedback and once a person is trapped in this cycle it’s often very hard to extricate’.

That’s one reason why people are probably feeling the need to formalise this concept of a detox month, he added.

Dr Tam also warned that going cold turkey wasn’t necessarily the best way to treat a Facebook addiction.

According to the report, he said that one has to ‘analyse the underlying issues of why he/she needs to depend on it so much.’

For which he recommend some self-relection first of all and possibly professional help if they think they’ve got an issue, the report said. (ANI)