Research says healthy rivalry acts as boost to business and sports performances

London, Feb 21: According to a new research, people can recover from a poor performance in business and sports when rivals comment and criticise on their failures.

The research, which had been carried out by the University of Exeter, Amherst College and the University of Stirling, has shown that while criticism from team members sends individuals into downward performance spirals, external criticism can boost performance as people try to prove the outsiders wrong.

According to Dr Tim Rees of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Exeter, careful management of performance following failure is of key importance in a range of areas such as sport and business.

Rees added that the study shows that simple and low cost measures that exploit the effects of intergroup dynamics can reverse downward performance spirals.

Pete Coffee from the University of Stirling further said that the research has pointed to the need for people like sports coaches and business leaders to think carefully about the way they deliver performance-related feedback. (ANI)