Jiten Lalwani keen to do reality shows, says it’s important

Mumbai, March 4: After doing more than half-a-dozen serials, Jiten Lalwani now wants to be part of a reality show because he wants his audience to know him by his real name.

Currently seen essaying Lord Indra in Life OK’s show “Mahadev”, he has done shows like “Shree”, “Sasural Genda Phool”, “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”, “Baa Bahu Aur Baby”, “Risshton Ki Dor” and “Kise Apna Kahein”.

He feels that unless one does reality shows, the viewers only recognise them as the character they play in a popular show.

“Nowadays, till the time you are part of a reality show, people don’t even know your name. Whatever show becomes popular, you become that character. I want people to know me by my name. I want them to see how actually I am,” Jiten told IANS.

Talking about “Mahadev”, the actor shared the apprehensions he harboured in the beginning of the show.

“No one has shown grey characteristics of Lord Indra. It came to me as a surprise too. I met people who knew about all this and told me that it’s true,” he said.

Chaste Hindi is being used in the show and Jiten said it’s not easy to speak it fluently. “It is pure Hindi. People are very particular about pronunciation. Sometimes you don’t even know the meaning of what you are saying. It is as good as any foreign language, so fluency gets difficult,” he said.

In spite of “Mahadev” being popular, Jiten doesn’t let its popularity get to him.

“When we perform, we don’t even think about how the show is doing. You can’t think about anything else at that point of time,” he added.

Earlier juggling multiple shows was not that difficult, confessed the actor and added: “Earlier, people used to accommodate, so I could manage. Now I can only do one or two shows maximum.

“In the beginning, I was giving 15-20 days to ‘Mahadev’, but now I am shooting for just 10-12 days, so I want to do one more show.”

Another thing on his wish list is movies.