Four killed in New York shootings

New York, March 14: At least four people have been killed and two others wounded by a single gunman in two shooting incidents in New York State, media reports said.

Two people were shot and killed Wednesday morning at a car wash in Herkimer village and two others were killed in a barber shop a mile away in Mohawk village, both in Herkimer County, Xinhua quoted police as saying.

The suspect was identified as 64-year-old Kurt Myers from Mohawk.

Police said he has white hair and beard, and was carrying a long gun for the attacks and driving a red Jeep Cherokee.

Police did not comment on a possible motive.

Herkimer County Community College and local schools were put on a lockdown.

The college sent an automated cellphone alert after the shooting, informing students and staff of an “active shooter” in the area.

Another alert advised people to remain inside buildings until further notice.

Firefighters responded to a fire at an apartment building believed to be connected to the shooting.

Police were also seen removing about six long guns from the building, but it was not clear if the guns belonged to the suspect.

The villages of Herkimer are around three km from Ilion, where the two-century-old Remington Arms gun plant is a major employer.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo in January signed the New York Safe Act after the state voted overwhelmingly in favour of the bill.