Wrongly convicted NY man jailed for 23 yrs suffers heart attack day after release

New York, Mar 24: An inmate, who was released from prison a day earlier because of a wrongful conviction, has suffered a heart attack, according to his lawyer.

Lawyer Pierre Sussman said in a statement that his client David Ranta has been stabilized and is being treated in cardiac intensive care at a metropolitan hospital, reports the CNN.

Ranta’s second-degree murder conviction stemmed from the 1990 killing of a rabbi during a diamond heist. A witness two decades later came forward and said he had been coached to identify Ranta from a police lineup.

During an emotional hearing, Judge Miriam Cyrulnik apologized to Ranta for what he had endured even though she admitted that saying “sorry” is an understatement and “grossly inadequate”.

Hours after his release from prison, Sussman said that the accumulated trauma of being wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 23 years, had an immense effect on Ranta’s health. (ANI)