Ghost attired devotees in Jharkhand seek Lord Shiva’s blessing

Tamar (Jharkhand), Apr 13: Dressed in ghostly attires, scores of devotees posed as demons to seek blessing of Lord Shiva in Jharkhand.

A devotee, Sandip Modak, said, “It is an ancient belief that anyone who participates in the parade dressed as ghosts get their wishes fulfilled. Locals participate in this event with great fervour and participate in Lord Shiva’s marriage procession.”

Scores of devotees of Lord Shiva donned ghostly outfits and scary make up and danced to drum beats as they participated in the marriage procession of the revered Hindu deity.

Donning masks and bloody shirts, the devotees danced with staves to mark the annual parade that takes place in the town as locals watched them in sheer amazement from the roadsides.

Legend has it that devotees who participate in the age-old practice not only get their wishes fulfilled, but Lord Shiva also blesses them with a healthy and prosperous life.

While a section of the devotees posed as demons, the rest of them wore fragrant floral jewellery to pretend as Gods who participated in the marriage procession of Hindu deities Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati.(ANI)