Further leaks in radioactive water during water-transfer at Tepco Power Station in Japan

Tokyo, Apr 2: A leaking sunken reservoir at the Tepco power station in Fukushima, Japan, led to more leakages of radioactive water during a water-transfer effort.

The problematic reservoir caused about 22 litres of radioactive water leakage from a joint between a pipe and a pump for sending water to another reservoir, the Japan Times reports.

The accidental leak comes as Fukushima’s no.1 power station had declared its plan to shift all radioactive water stored in the sunken reservoirs to above-ground tanks. The plan aimed at stopping environment pollution through the leaked water.

In the three minutes of the pipe to pump water-transfer, the radioactive water had seeped into the soil, according to the report.

The reservoir no.3, which caused the leakage, was storing about 10,400 tonnes of water containing strontium and other radioactive materials and released 2,90,000 becquerels of radiation per cubic centimeter.

Two other reservoirs also suffered leaks but they were not used for the transfer effort as soon as leakage was discovered from No. 3 reservoir.

With its initial plan affected, Tepco now plans to transfer 2,000 tons of water to reservoir no.6 for storage until further arrangements are made, the report added. (ANI)