Oz Police arrest leader of global hacking ring LulzSec

Sydney, Apr 24: Police in Australia have arrested an IT security professional and self-proclaimed leader of an international hacking ring LulzSec after he allegedly infiltrated a government website this month.

The arrested man is aged 24 and a resident of Point Clare on the New South Wales central coast, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

LulzSec, an abbreviation of “lulz” (laughs) and security, was formed in 2011. The group has claimed responsibility for multiple high-profile cyber attacks, including against Sony, Rupert Murdoch’s News International, the CIA and other government organisations.

They are also associated with prominent international hacking group Anonymous.

The man, known online as Aush0k, is a “well-informed” IT professional who works at the Sydney branch of an international security IT company, where he had access to sensitive information from clients that included government agencies, police said.

Brad Marden, a co-ordinator for cyber crime operations with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), said described the arrested person as a well-respected person within the Anonymous community and within LulzSec.

He also said that he has also worked in the IT professional field, and used information to gain access to and deface a government website from his computer, which has been seized by police.

Police, however, did not confirm details of the hack or the website, but said that it was not a federal government site.(ANI)