Pak nuke proliferator AQ Khan says N Korea ‘not stupid’ to launch nuclear attack on US

Islamabad, Apr 10: Disgraced Pakistani scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan has expressed doubts over North Korean claims to launch a nuclear attack aimed at the United States and South Korea, saying that Kim Jong Un’s regime is “not so stupid”.

Khan said he did not think the North Koreans are “trigger happy”, The Express Tribune reports.

Khan said, in an exclusive phone interview with Fox News, North Korea is a small country, and if America drops a single bomb, there won’t be any North Korea on the map of the world. The North Koreans know it very well and the Americans know it very well, but for sheer propaganda and publicity, both are playing the game, he said.

North Korea’s last nuclear test on February 11 was described as a miniaturised atomic bomb of six-seven kilotons mounted on a Nodong missile.

It has been widely reported that Khan visited N Korea more than a dozen times to secure the Nodong missile design, which he renamed as the Ghauri.

Khan had admitted in 2004 that he ran a nuclear black-market, and sold secrets to Iran, Libya and North Korea. But he later retracted his remarks and in 2009 was freed from house arrest, although he was asked to keep a low profile. (ANI)