Top Chinese official admits consequences of cyber war ‘may be as serious as nuke bomb’

Washington, Apr 3: A top Chinese military officer has said that the damaging consequences caused by cyber war ‘may be as serious as a nuclear bomb.’

General Fang Fenghui also offered some support for the idea of a working group to discuss cybersecurity, which was suggested by Secretary of State John Kerry during his visit to China earlier this month.

Fang said that he believes it is important to set up the idea that we should jointly work on this issue and set up a mechanism to enhance coordination and cooperation on cyber security the Christian Science Monitor reports.

According to the report, the remarks came as Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey arrived at the Chinese Defense Ministry Monday for a closed-door meeting with his People’s Liberation Army (PLA) counterparts for the first time.

Dempsey’s visit this week, considered relatively long at three-plus days, comes on the heels of a report released in February from a cybersecurity firm that charges that a special dedicated cell of China’s People’s Liberation Army, housed in a building in downtown Beijing, is waging cyberattacks on the US. (ANI)