De La Hoya wins lawsuit against model

New York, May 22: Oscar De La Hoya has won round two of his legal battle against a former Maxim model, with the appeals court calling her 5-million-dollar assault suit “baseless.”

A five-judge panel at Manhattan’s Appellate Division ruled that Angelica Cecora’s claims – where she accused the retired welterweight of imprisoning her in his Ritz Carlton hotel room during a kinky, cocaine-fueled tryst in 2011 – “were without merit,” the New York Post reported.

Cecora challenged a lower court ruling last year that slapped her with a 12,500-dollar judgment for legal fees and a fine for what Justice Paul Wooten described as an attempt to “harass or maliciously injure” De La Hoya.

The appeals court wrote that Cecora, an alleged hooker who says she consented to have sex with the fighter the first time but not during later advances, had to pay the punishment. (ANI)