Disgraced Pak scientist AQ Khan says ‘no doubt’ N. Korea capable of making nuclear bomb

Washington, May 11: The architect of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme, Abdul Qadeer Khan has said Pyongyang could “no doubt” have perfected a nuclear weapon and long-range missile warheads.

Khan, who illegally passed the technology along to Iran, Syria and North Korea, told al-Jazeera English TV that North Korea has been a very close ally of the Soviet Union and China for the last 60 years.

Khan said the North has got all their engineers and scientists trained in China and the Soviet Union in nuclear weapons engineering also. So no doubt they are quite capable and they can do it.

According to the Washington Times, he added that they can even build an ICBM [Inter-Contentinental Ballistic Missile] if they want to.

Known as the ‘father’ of the Islamic bomb in Pakistan, Khan is considered a pariah in the West because of his role in establishing an underground international trading network that fed an illegal market in nuclear-weapon and ballistic-missile technologies, the report added. (ANI)