US Muslim group sues Christian organization over defamation charges

Washington, May 12: A Muslim group has accused a Christian organization of defamation for publishing a book that accuses the Muslim collective of holding terrorist training in its enclaves.

The Christian Action Network has challenged Muslims of America Inc. to prove the allegations wrong in an upstate New York court, reports The Washington Times.

The Muslim group, which has a community in Hancock, near Binghamton, New York, and others around the US, calls the network’s accusations “deliberate and damaging lies”.

Attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud said the Muslim group is seeking retractions and 18 million dollars in damages, and a halt to further publication of network founder Martin Mawyer’s 2012 book, “Twilight in America: the Untold Story of Terrorist Training Camps Inside America”.

The Christian group has denied the defamation allegations and hasn’t withdrawn the book and continues to promote it on its website.

The book claims both state and federal authorities “turn a blind eye” to the Islamic extremists trying to convert U.S. citizens in the communities, that Muslims of America is a front for the radical group Jamaat Al Fuqras and that it has held terrorist training at the rural enclaves.

The complaint said the Christian network harassed Muslim communities in Red House, Va., and Commerce, Ga., and that the book presents false, defamatory and therefore libelous statements as fact, not just opinion. (ANI)