It’s raining sex scandals for Aussie armed forces

Sydney, Jun 21: In another attack on the Australian Defence Forces’ (ADF) reputation, seven cadets have been reportedly suspended over allegations of ‘serious misconduct’ outside the campus.

Vice-Chief of the Defence Force, Air Marshal Mark Binskin has launched an investigation in the case and has said that he could not specify the details of the incident and whether it was of sexual nature, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Air Marshal Binskin has said that the incident appears in connection to a group of 20 cadets and midshipmen, which is operating contrary to the values and standards expected of an ADF member.

However, Air Marshal Binskin has pointed that the incident is not related to the alleged group of ADF personnel called ‘Jedi Council’ who was slammed for circulating demeaning ‘sexist emails’ about women including fellow female cadets.

The Jedi Council’s act was labeled bigger than the ‘Skype affair’ in which videos of personnel having sex with female officers were circulated.

In another recent incident, soldiers from the 3rd Brigade in Townsville were found to be involved in ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ posts on Facebook pages.

Air Marshal Binskin further said that such conduct will not be tolerated in the forces and in the future leaders.

Sex Discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has suggested that officers need to keep an eye on cadets outside working hours and has urged for the implementation of Residential Service Officers, or Residential Advisors.

These incidents of abuse within Defence have prompted the authorities to bring in cultural change in the military, the report added. (ANI)