Jenni Rivera crash site new tourist attraction in Mexico

Mexico City, July 31 (IASN/EFE) Authorities want to make a tourist attraction of the site in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon where singer Jenni Rivera’s plane crashed last December, killing the star.

More than 50 men began working Monday to improve the narrow road a scant 50 centimeters wide that leads to the place where the airplane crashed in which the Mexican-American artist was traveling, Iturbide municipal secretary Cesar Romeo Carreon told EFE.

The “diva of the band” died Dec 9 together with six other people when the private aircraft in which they were flying to the central Mexican city of Toluco crashed into a mountain in the Iturbide municipality.

Today at the place were Rivera’s remains were found stands an improvised altar dedicated to the songstress that is frequently visited by her fans.

“What we want is that people who would like to come here will be able do so either walking or on an all-terrain vehicle,” Carreon said, adding that the project has the support of the landowner, Rosendo Rodriguez.

He said “we still don’t know how much time it will take to finish the road”, since it will depend on the help received from the Nuevo Leon government to complete the project.

He also said that once the work is done, visitors will be able to make a “voluntary contribution” for the upkeep of the place.