Pakistani lawmaker’s guards clash with police

Islamabad, July 18: Private security guards of a Pakistani provincial lawmaker Thursday clashed with policemen at the entrance of the Balochistan assembly, a media report said.

The clash between guards of Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and policemen led Balochistan Chief Minister Malik Baloch to suspend the city’s superintendent of police, Dawn News reported.

Though as per the directives of the assembly speaker, private armed men are not allowed to enter the assembly premises, the chief minister said that since Zehri had tribal disputes therefore his private security guards stood close to him.

The guards were entering the assembly premises in a private vehicle when police stopped them at the gate.

The policemen on duty objected to the weapons carried by the private guards, due to which the clash ensued.

Policemen deployed at the assembly staged a protest after the incident.

A police official who was part of the protest told Dawn that the incident had affected their morale.

“Now we cannot stop any influential personality’s private guards after this incident,” he said.