25 killed in Iraq attacks

Baghdad, Dec 22: At least 25 people, including eight military officers, were killed and 26 wounded in separate violent attacks in Iraq Saturday, police said.

The deadliest attack occurred in country’s Anbar province when insurgents blew up a booby-trapped shelter. It occurred as Iraqi security forces entered the camp suspected of training Al Qaeda militants in the desert area of Wadi Houran, Xinhua reported.

Up to 15 soldiers were killed and 14 were wounded in the attack, a provincial police source said.

In northern Iraq, two senior police officers and a policeman were killed in a car bomb explosion near their vehicle in Shirqat city, a police source said.

An army officer and a soldier were killed when a roadside bomb struck an army patrol in Kirkuk city, a local police source said.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Abdul-Aziz al-Maghour, head of security coordination office of Nineveh province, and one of his sons were critically wounded when gunmen opened fire on his house in Qaiyara town, some 350 km north of Baghdad, a police source said.

In a separate incident, two policemen were killed when gunmen attacked their checkpoint the city of Fallujah, some 50 km from Baghdad, a police source said.

Elsewhere, a soldier was killed and two were wounded in a fierce clash between soldiers and gunmen in the town of Tarmiyah, some 40 km from Baghdad, a local police source said.

Earlier in the day, two people were killed and seven wounded when two mortar rounds landed near Shiite pilgrims on a main road near the town of Latifiyah, some 25 km south of Baghdad, a police source told Xinhua.

The pilgrims were heading to the holy Shiite city of Karbala, some 110 km south of Baghdad, to observe the Arbaeen religious ritual ahead of its climax day next Tuesday.