71 journalists killed in 2013 around the world

New Delhi, Dec 18: Seventy-one journalists were killed across the world, including in India, in 2013, Reporters Without Borders said in a report Wednesday.

Asia topped the list with 24 deaths of newspersons in connection with their work, said the report by the international media group.

It said 39 percent of the deaths occurred in “conflict zones”, including Syria, Somalia, Mali, Pakistan’s Balochistan, Russia’s Dagestan and “the Indian province of Chhattisgarh”.

It said the killings dropped by 20 percent in comparison to 2012 which witnessed 88 killings of newsmen.

The Middle East and north Africa reported 23 deaths of journalists each, the report said.

It said Syria, Somalia and Pakistan retained their position among the world’s five deadliest countries for the media.

While 826 journalists were attacked, 2,160 were threatened or attacked in 2013.