AAP will come to a decision based only on public opinion, says Kejriwal

New Delhi, Dec. 22: Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that AAP will take a decision on forming a government on Monday, after compiling and discussing the public opinion.

“We will compile the opinions of the common man which have received through SMS and from other sources,” said Kejriwal.

“All the opinions will be shared and discussed in a meeting tomorrow morning and after that we will take the decision,” he said.

He said that he was happy that this time someone was asking the opinion of the public.

“At least now, people of Delhi are saying that there is someone who is asking for our opinion,” he said.

“In all the public meetings we had, people are saying that we should form the Government. Once we come to a decision we will share it with the media,” he added.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had said on Tuesday it would take the views of the people of the city till Sunday, and would ask them for their reactions to forming a government with the Congress Party.

Addressing media here, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said that being a people’s party, they would carry out a referendum among the people of the city, and decide what to do next.

“We have written a letter for Delhiites now. 25 lakh copies will be made and distributed across the city to seek the people’s feedback. People can phone in, send a text message, or leave a message on the AAP Facebook page,” he added.

Kejriwal further said that AAP had written letters to both the Congress and the BJP.

“Congress had offered unconditional support. The BJP had said they would offer issue-based support. Delhi has 18 key issues. We had asked the Congress and the BJP about their opinions on those issues. It is surprising that BJP didn’t even bother to respond to the letter,” he said.

“Congress said that 16 of these points are administrative issues for which AAP would need no support, and for the remaining two, we offer our support,” he added.

Criticizing both parties, Kejriwal said: “These leaders, in their arrogance, used to challenge us to fight elections. I will repeat, don’t challenge the common man. He is the one who makes the roti, kapda, makan. It’s not the netas who make all this.”

The Congress had earlier replied to the letter sent by Kejriwal, and said the majority of the issues raised by him, are related to administrative work and there was no need for the government to take their support on these issues.

Congress Delhi in-charge Shakeel Ahmed said it was not necessary for the government to consult parliament or assembly regarding the administrative work.

Kejriwal on Saturday had written letters to Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh asking their stand on the 18 key issues.

Listing his 18 conditions, he had said, “After their response on these issues comes in, we will hold meeting with the public and whatever their decision is, we will accept it. Whether the public wants a re-election or should we form government with support of the BJP and the Congress. This is what we have told the Lieutenant Governor.” (ANI)