AAP will stop using such language once they have political experience: Rashid Alvi

New Delhi, Dec.20: Congress leader Rashid Alvi commenting on the recent spat of words between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Part (AAP) on Friday said that the AAP would stop using this kind of language once they gain experience in politics.

“I do not want to comment on this. Once they gain enough experience, they would not use such language,” said Alvi.

In a recent tweet Kumar Vishwas had called the Congress a two headed snake. He had also called them cheaters in another tweet.

Later, he said that there was no reason for the Congress to get upset, as they had used a far more demeaning language.

“The last words I heard from the Congress about me was when Salman Khurshid called us gutter snipes and when Sonia Gandhi said we are like monsoon insects. Not to forget the latest comment was from Beni Prasad, who said I am a joker. So, there is nothing to get upset about what I said as it is nothing in comparison to their language,” said Kumar Vishwas.

“I just called them cheaters which is a well known fact. They have been betraying the public for long. My reaction is nothing as compared to theirs every year Manmohan Singh makes a billion promises but never fulfills them. Now if they feel so upset about a comment which is a fact; my consolations are with them,” he said.

He said that Congress leader Arvinder Singh Lovely was exposing himself, by trying to set a trap for the Aam Aadmi Party.

“On the one hand he is saying that the Congress is lending us unconditional support; on the other hand he is saying that, they want to set a trap for the AAP. So, in turn he is his exposing himself,” said Kumar Vishwas.

Furthermore, he said that it was too early for the AAP to say that they were going to form a government in Delhi, but added: “From the kind of response we have got, it seems that the public is looking forward for us to form a government in Delhi”. (ANI)