Anna Hazare says Government betrayed him earlier and is doing it again

Ralegaon Siddhi (Maharashtra), Dec.10,: Social activist Anna Hazare who is on indefinite fast to press for Jan Lokpal Bill, on Tuesday said if the government tries to move him from his place then he will stop drinking water and added that the government had betrayed them earlier and is doing it again.

“I have heard rumours that they will move me from here saying my health is not good. If this happens, then I will stop drinking water. They had betrayed us at the time of Jan Lokpal Bill agitation in Delhi. Now once again they are doing the same thing. If my health deteriorates genuinely, than you can do whatever you want. That why we have arranged for a doctor her e also. Our doctor and government’s doctor will keep a check on my health,” he said.

“The Parliament session is going on and you should introduce the bill in parliament. The Rajya Sabha just has to debate on it. And I don’t think it will take much time for the debate. After Rajya Sabha passes the bill, then it can be easily passed in the Lok Sabha as they have done it earlier also,” he added.

Specifying the places where people have started protest for the Jan Lokpal Bill, he said he has instructed the people to use non violent means to lodge their protest. This is the proper way of revolution. He also urged people to not indulge in violent activities.

On lack of crowd participation in his movement, he said, “Every district in Maharashtra is agitating for Lokpal bill. I told them to hold their agitation in their districts. We are getting reports from their places.”

The IAC movement, launched in December 2010, marked the first time in India that both the poor and the middle classes were united against corruption in such large numbers.

Over the past year, India has been transfixed by a campaign led by Anna Hazare to force the government to create an ombudsman, which would prosecute corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Hazare’s initial hunger strike brought millions of sympathizers out on streets and forced the government into a series of U-turns.

But “Team Anna” has lost some steam. When Hazare launched his third hunger strike in Mumbai, just before the New Year, very few turned up and he had to call it off prematurely because he was ill.

Hazare said that miserable performance of the ruling Congress party was a result of backing out to bring the Lokpal bill.

However, many political experts believe that had the Congress brought the Jan Lokpal bill then they would have not failed so badly in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections nor would they have faced electoral drubbing in Goa and Punjab assembly polls, or the recent Assembly elections for Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. (ANI)