Army develops Shimla’s Annandale ground for rescue work

Shimla, Dec 26: The Indian Army has developed Shimla’s Annandale ground to facilitate the launch of rescue and relief operations in case of a natural disaster in the region, it said Thursday.

A disaster relief exercise named “Mountain Rescue” is being conducted in Annandale regularly, with an aim to coordinate, refine and practice drills for evacuation of affected people from disaster-hit areas, the Army’s Western Command said in a statement.

Himachal Pradesh shares geographic similarity with Uttarakhand, which was wracked by flooding and landslides in June this year that took a toll of about 5,000 lives. Himachal is also prone to natural calamities like earthquake, landslides, flashfloods and avalanches.

The prime chunk of the 121-bigha (one bigha is 0.4 hectare) Annandale ground, surrounded by thick forests and situated 4.5 km from Shimla’s ridge, has been under the Army’s control since World War II.