ASEAN, Japan agree on ‘freedom of overflight’ amid China’s ADIZ row

London, Dec. 15: Japan and Southeast Asian countries have pledged to work together to ensure ‘freedom of overflight’ in the region.

The move is seen as a mild rebuke to China’s controversial air defense zone.

According to the BBC, the announcement came at a summit in Tokyo, weeks after China declared a new air defence zone overlapping areas claimed by Japan and South Korea.

Japan has been trying to get support from 10 ASEAN nations, some of which also have territorial disputes with China.

Japanese and Asean leaders agreed to enhance co-operation in ensuring freedom of overflight and civil aviation safety, the report said.

According to the report, China had said that aircraft flying through the ADIZ, which covers an area containing disputed islands not controlled by China, must follow its rules, including filing flight plans and identifying themselves. (ANI)