Australia shocked by incest case

Sydney, Dec 12: The discovery of 11 children of a incest cult has shocked Australia after the deformed children admitted to authorities of years of sexual abuse perpetrated by close relatives, media reported Thursday.

Genetic testing has shown that the children, who used to live in a 40-member extended family in a makeshift camp in New South Wales, have parents who are related to each other, some closely, The Guardian reported.

The case came to light when authorities were informed that some children living in a network of huts did not attend school. They were removed by police after the authorities concluded that they would be at risk of harm if they remained with the family.

The subsequent investigation revealed that the children exhibited sexualised behaviour and reported that they had engaged in “inappropriate sexual conduct” with each other, the daily said.

It soon emerged that the family raised four generations of inbred children.

The family is believed to trace back to the children’s great-grandparents, who were brother and sister. The incestuous siblings had a number of children, with these children raising another generation of offspring among themselves, The Independent reported.

The details of the case were released by the New South Wales Children’s Court.