Beyonce slammed for using Challenger disaster audio clip in new song

Washington, December 31: Beyonce has been criticized for including an audio clip from the 1986 Challenger disaster in her new pop song ‘XO’.

Some of the people, who were closest to the shuttle disaster, which exploded almost immediately after liftoff, killing seven crew members on Jan. 28, 1986, have slammed the ‘Single Ladies’ hitmaker for this, Fox News reported.

The six-second audio clip in beginning of the song, which has created a lot of controversy for Beyonce, has NASA’s public affairs officer Steve Nesbitt saying that the flight controllers are looking very carefully at the situation and it is a major malfunction.

Keith Cowing, a former NASA employee, has said that the words were uttered, as the crew and their disintegrating vehicle were still falling into the sea.

She added that these words are forever etched into the psyche of everyone who was watching that day and still echo across the years for the generation that followed.

Cowing added that this choice of including such a historic and solemn audio is inappropriate. (ANI)