Brazil gears up for World Cup 2014 with special courts, armed men, anti-aircraft guns

London, Dec. 5: Brazil is reportedly planning to set up special ‘World Cup courts’ to tackle the country’s high crime rates and gear up for the possible return of mass demonstrations prior to the tournament in 2014.

This summer, the Confederations Cup was marred by mass demonstrations and rallies, which brought more than a million people on to the streets.

The host nation has said that it will establish exclusion zones around stadiums and step up intelligence-gathering operations aimed at preventing violent protest, the Guardian reports.

The authorities will also deploy anti-aircraft guns around World Cup stadiums to prevent a 9-11 type assault and 1,400 troops would be dispatched to each stadium, equipped to deal with chemical, biological and nuclear attacks.

A journalist with the Media Ninja collective, Rafael Bilel Vilela said that the World Cup is more than a target, its about using what it brings and hacking that to show the world what’s is really happening in Brazil.

Meanwhile, Brazil’s Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo has warned English fans of the violence in the country and said that nobody is comfortable with violence or ‘arrastao’- gangs of marauding teenagers carrying knives or guns who suddenly emerge and swarm around their victim. (ANI)