Brit women sets new world record for cycling to South Pole

London, Dec. 28: A British woman created a new world record by becoming the first person to cycle to the South Pole on Thursday.

Welsh Adventurer Maria Leijerstam, 35, pedalled 500 miles across Antarctica to win her record after four years of training, the Daily Express reported.

Leijerstam finished the race in just ten days – 12 days before scheduled finish.

Her three-wheel customised recumbent bike PolarCycle and daring route gave her the edge over her two male competitors – American Daniel Burton and Spaniard Juan Menendez Granados.

She set off from the Novo Russian air force base on Dec, 16, and for 10 days survived on heating her freeze-dried food by melting snow on a small stove inside her wind blasted tent. (ANI)