US calls on China to withdraw air defence zone to avoid Japan confrontation

London, Dec. 03: The United States has called on China to withdraw its newly declared air defence identification zone (ADIZ) to avoid a potentially dangerous confrontation with Japan and its allies.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki said that the U.S. is concerned as China’s threats against unannounced aircrafts passing over the declared islands in the East China Sea under its ADIZ has caused confusion and increased the risk of accidents, the Guardian reports.

The statement came just hours after the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden landed in Tokyo ahead of a six-day trip to Japan, China and South Korea.

Biden’s visit was intended to focus on U.S. economic interests in the region, but the dispute over the airspace above the Senkaku islands is expected to entirely dominate his trip.

China had unilaterally declared its new ADIZ over the disputed islands nine days ago and ordered all aircrafts flying through the zone to notify authorities in advance, with a warning of unprecedented measures to follow if not accepted.

According to the report, Japanese airlines passing through the military zone declared by China are not currently informing Beijing of their flight plans.

The U.S. has not accepted China’s declaration of air defence zone for being “inconsistent with standard practice”. (ANI)