Cambodia bans march to celebrate International Human Rights Day

Phnom Penh, Dec 8: The Cambodian interior ministry has allowed the opposition party to hold a rally in the capital Phnom Penh, but banned its march to mark the International Human Rights Day Tuesday.

“The ministry of interior allows the Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) to gather at the Freedom Park in the morning Dec 10, with the participants below 10,000, the maximum capacity of the park,” said a letter signed by Interior Minister Sar Kheng Sunday.

“March is banned, but the party can assign 10 representatives to deliver their petition to the National Assembly,” it said.

The ministry of interior called on all participants to cooperate with the authorities to celebrate the day peacefully, reports Xinhua.

The CNRP announced it would stage mass rallies in both Phnom Penh and the tourist city of Siem Reap.

“We plan to get together 20,000 people in Phnom Penh, and at least 10,000 participants in Siem Reap city,” said CNRP spokesman Yem Ponharith.

He said the upcoming rallies aim to demand greater respect for human rights, and greater access to social justice.

The opposition party has launched several mass rallies in Phnom Penh after the July’s disputed election.

Yem Ponharith said from Dec 15 on, the party will hold mass protests in Phnom Penh every Sunday to demand probe into the allegations of serious fraud, and irregularities during the elections that handed victory to Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party.