China bans wild animals from dinner tables

Beijing, Dec 8: China’s central authorities Sunday published a regulation that explicitly ruled out dishes containing shark fins, and wild animal products in official reception dinners.

The document, jointly issued by the general offices of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, is to regulate the use of public funding on receptions by authorities to receive visiting party or governmental officials, reports Xinhua.

According to the document, the new rules are to promote frugality, oppose extravagance and enhance the anti-corruption efforts among party, and governmental authorities.

Shark fins, and products of rare wild animals are popular fare at luxury dinners in China.

The regulation said cigarettes and up-market liquors are not allowed to be served at official dinners.

Officials below provincial level should not live in suite rooms on their business trips, it said.

Hosts are also banned from giving cash, negotiable securities, souvenirs or products as gifts for the officials.