Clarke warns Oz not going to ‘let off foot from pedal’ in Ashes despite England losing Swann

Melbourne, Dec 24: Australian captain Michael Clarke has warned England that they would not be easing their foot off the pedal and show them mercy in the remaining two Ashes Tests despite the sudden retirement of spinner Graeme Swann.

Clarke mentioned that with the series decided and the Ashes won, Australia needs a new carrot, and the one dangling in front of them is the number one Test ranking, for which they would be approaching the final two Tests in full throttle as momentum is a rare and precious commodity and one is never sure how long it will last.

According to, Clarke said that as a result, it is necessary to make the most of the good time that they have been enjoying given that everyone in the side has been forced to deal with plenty of losses during the past year or so, adding that it would be ‘silly’ of them to take their foot of the gas now.

Clarke also said that they want to show their fans in Melbourne and Sydney the same dominant, aggressive cricket that they have been playing till now, adding that although he would miss the challenge of playing against Swann, who has got him out many times and sympathises with England, they would not however, show them any mercy.

Clarke also said that it can be tough rebalancing a team once players who have been regulars for years are no longer there, adding that he had always found Swann a tough competitor on the field and a gentleman off it as he has had a remarkable career for someone who came to international cricket relatively late in life. (ANI)