CNN features 16 December gang-rape case in’ World Untold Stories’ series

New Delhi, December 5: An upcoming documentary on the 16-December fatal gang-rape case titled ‘The Fearless One’ is being presented under CNN’s series ‘World Untold Stories’.

The documentary is an in-depth report which explores the tragic event that has been a watershed moment for India and led to a mass awakening, and recounts the victim’s courageous struggle for life before succumbing to injuries that her attendant doctor described as the most “atrocious, unbelievable” he had seen in his career spanning four decades.

‘The Fearless One’ explores the tragic event from the hospital room to the court room and chronicles the horrible chain of events of that night through extensive interviews with the victim’s parents, the police investigators and doctors, who were directly involved in the case.

The documentary examines how her suffering brought together a nation’s public to demand justice for the girl and how her enduring legacy has left a lasting impact on India’s social fabric.

‘World Untold Stories: The Fearless One’ will air on CNN International on December 7, ahead of the one-year of the tragic incident. (ANI)