Colourful procession creates Christmas spirit in Siliguri

Siliguri (West Bengal), Dec.23: With Christmas just a couple of days away, hundreds of Christians in Siliguri, West Bengal, took part in a colourful procession, singing carols and spreading messages of peace and compassion.

“The main purpose is to show the love of Christ to other people and also the Siliguri people because God loves Siliguri because that is our intention. And the Siliguri people, they should know that God loves Siliguri and we are concerned for the Siliguri people,” said secretary, Siliguri Christian Forum, Asish Biswas.

Every year this group takes out the procession that brings a feel of the festival. Christians make up around two percent of India’s 1.2 billion strong population with its largest concentration in the southern and northeastern states.

In India, the special occasion of Christmas is also celebrated by preparing special dishes for the day.

Regardless of caste and creed, people celebrate Christmas with great pomp and merry making, as it an occasion for family reunion, feasts and picnics. (ANI)