Competitive politics should not slow down progress of the state:(Mukherjee(Update/Mukherjee/West Bengal)

Kolkata, Dec.6: President Pranab Mukherjee addressed the valedictory ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of West Bengal Legislative Assembly today.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukherjee said: “Competitive politics should not result in slowing down the progress of the state or enhancing the suffering of its people. Most issues of development and public welfare transcend political barriers. It should not be difficult to forge consensus on such issues.”

“Through numerous progressive enactments, the West Bengal Legislative Assembly has over the years, advanced the cause of freedom and promoted prosperity among the people of West Bengal. But there is no room for complacency. It must at all times be attentive to the rising expectations of the people. It must be always kept in mind that people are our masters and each one of us is here because we solicited their votes and received their endorsement,” he added.

The president said the time has come now for West Bengal to once again show leadership in finding innovative solutions and new methods of promoting collective welfare.

“Members of West Bengal Assembly must meet the challenges which confront the people of state head on, with unity, determination and long term vision,” he said.

He expressed his confidence that the West Bengal Legislative Assembly will continue to maintain its high traditions and lead the state on the path of prosperity and progress. (ANI)