Congress defeat calls for deep introspection: Gandhi

New Delhi, Dec 8: Congress president Sonia Gandhi Sunday said her party’s defeat in assembly elections called for “deep introspection” and it would study “the many reasons for this defeat”.

Congratulating her “opponents” for winning in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, a sombre Gandhi told the media that she was “very, very disappointed” with the election results.

“This result calls for deep introspection,” she said. “We have to understand to look at the many reasons for this defeat. We have to look into the way we did not take our message to the people.

“Also, we have to look at our own party if it is well equipped in running an election (campaign).”

Gandhi admitted that “many people were obviously unhappy (with the Congress). Otherwise there would not have been such results”.

She said rising prices of essential commodities was an issue with the electorate.

“We will introspect seriously and we will take all necessary action… We will rectify our mistakes.”