Conjoined twins in Bihar critically ill

Patna, Dec 18: Seventeen-year-old conjoined twins Saba and Farah, who are joined at the heads, were Wednesday admitted to a hospital here in a critical condition for the second time in five days, family sources said.

“After Saba and Farah’s condition deteriorated, they have been admitted to a hospital,” said Mohammad Tamanna, the twins’ only brother.

On Saturday, they were admitted to a hospital after there was bleeding from Farah’s nose.

“Both were discharged from the hospital Sunday but again we spotted bleeding from her (Farah’s) mouth and consulted doctors of the Patna Medical College and Hospital here.

“Doctors examined them and advised to admit them in hospital for constant monitoring of their condition,” Tamanna said.

Although the twins have distinct brains and are neurologically and psychologically normal, only one of them has kidneys.

The father of the girls, Shakeel Ahmad, said the twins have become weaker in the last few months as their food intake has reduced.

“We are praying to god for their health,” he said.

In April, the Supreme Court directed the Bihar government to grant the twins Rs.5,000 per month and take care of their medical expenses along with regular check-ups.

Ahmad said that a few years ago, a ruler of a Gulf country had promised to bear the cost of surgically separating the two sisters. However, after initial consultation at a Delhi Hospital, “everything was forgotten”, he said.

American neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson had earlier travelled to India to study the twins. He had agreed to perform the risky operation with assistance from Indian doctors.

Carson had, however, warned that the surgery would be risky and only one of the girls may survive.