Devastating suicide bombings at Peshawar church ‘haunts Christmas festivities’ in Pakistan

Peshawar, Dec. 24: Nearly 82 Christians were killed when a devastating double suicide bombing targeted their place of worship in Peshawar three months ago.

All Saints church still bears the physical scars of the September 22 bombing, which is believed to be the deadliest ever against Pakistan’s small Christian community.

Two bombers blew themselves up in the courtyard of the church as worshippers exchanged greetings after a service.

Inside the church, a clock is stopped at 11:43, the time the bombers struck.

For some the wounds are still too fresh and after the service a group of women gathered to weep in the courtyard, the report said.

According to the report, the slaughter of so many innocent civilians shocked Pakistan and it is still not clear who carried out the attack.

Christians have suffered attacks and riots in recent years over allegations of blasphemy, but bombings such as the All Saints blast are very rare.

Security at the church has been stepped up since the attacks, with extra guards at the gateway.(ANI)